Landscape Lighting Bethany Beach, DE

Located just south of Rehoboth Beach, is the quiet, peaceful area of Bethany Beach.  Residents and visitors in the area can enjoy long, relaxing days in Bethany Beach and spend time meandering through the quaint boutiques and dining on local, gourmet meals.  This is one of the favorite beaches for family gatherings and groups of people that enjoy a laid-back type of lifestyle.  One feature that adds to the beauty of this area, is the carefully designed outdoor landscape lighting that can be found on residential and commercial properties.  If you are a property owner in the Bethany Beach area, then the team of professionals from Lewes Lighting would like to offer our landscape lighting services to you.

Professional Landscape Lighting in Bethany Beach

Lewes Lighting team members have been in the LED landscape lighting business for a long time, and we have many ideas on lighting design and installation that will fit every type of property and every type of budget.  In addition to providing LED outdoor lighting, we also have services for wedding and event lighting designs, holiday lighting, and restaurant and café lighting.  Our professionals know the difference that landscape lights can make in the overall appearance and safety of a property, and we take great pride in providing high-quality services to our customers, so they can wreak the amazing benefits that outdoor lighting can provide for their property.

Bethany Beach Landscape Lighting

With the simple, strategic placement of outdoor lights, you can transform any walkway, entranceway, patio, deck, flower bed, or any other outdoor space, into an inviting, functional, beautiful area.  If you own a property in the Bethany Beach area that you would like to illuminate during the evening hours, then contact the staff from Lewes Lighting today!  We believe that our lighting services can create a perfect nighttime setting for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy every day of the year or for your next special event.  We look forward to working with you anytime!

landscape lighting bethany beach de